Saturday, January 04, 2014

Santo Domingo, the First

Adventure with baby. Flight was amazing. Amelia slept, then charmed nearby passengers. Luggage with all baby clothes, diapers, makeup, and contacts case lost. Our reserved rental car rented to someone else. Replacement found, took an hour to rent due to technology malfunction. Arrived at apart-hotel four hours later than planned. Relocate to resort next day with naked baby. Airline discovers that our bag was on the plane the entire time, just didn't see it. Will send that day. Bag doesn't arrive. Attend wedding without makeup and with baby in pajamas. Hoarded diapers run out next day. Take truly naked baby to the beach.

This is truly turning out to be an awesome adventure. Amelia has been so excited by everything, and generally happy. She's receiving lessons in sleeping everywhere and being easygoing. No proper photos yet. But here she is being easygoing.